Spiral of Business Growth

Many years ago when I heard the words “Business Planning,” my inner visionary  backed up into her little turtle shell. She thought, “boring, not fun, and hard”.

I am, and have always been motivated by fun and creativity. 

Spread sheets mean heaviness and things I don’t understand. There is no context for understanding what all those numbers mean.

So, my solution was to not plan.  I prided myself as being a spontaneous gal and smiled.  However, at some point even I could see that I needed to have goals and make decisions based on those goals.  I knew my business would stay stuck at this small size if I didn’t figure out a way to keep my turtle happy. 


Can You Even imagine a Creative, Visionary Way of Business Planning-

I needed to be a grown-up but do it in my own way.  About 10 years ago I created a business planning template that was a circle process and it was more kinesthetic. It worked, and  yet, since then I’ve learned a lot more and have the eyes of the Eagle instead of the slowness of the Turtle.  My totem was Turtle for what seemed like, a very, very long time.

Turtles are slow but sure.  Eagles soar.  Eagle came to me this year.  So,I created a new business planning tool with Eagle’s eyes.

I love it and have been using it with my special private clients and my coaching group.  Everyone gets it and it helps them have that Eagle overview in a creative way.

  It’s a Business Planning Spiral and as spirals are, it goes on and on and deeper into self-discovery, growth, building one skill on the next, and offers such insight into where you are right now and where you are going.

I am going to share it with you right here. Even without my help in using it, you will glean the energy it holds. Here are some of its secrets:

• Multi-layers of insight
• The expansion of relationship with yourself
• The keys to empowerment and transformation
• Your Wise Woman intuition
•  Wholistic perspective

These deeper opportunities may not be apparent when you look at the spiral but it’s all there. The spiral keeps going and so does your growth and awareness.

business spiral

From this spiral you will be able to create your plan for next year. It is creative success building in the highest form.

Are you intrigued?  We can also make this into an artsy project if you are so inclined. 

I am offering some special “Spiral Planning Sessions” One 90 minute session with me and you will have the bones of your plan.  Plan your business for 2016. 

Imagine the good feeling you will have knowing you are following a real plan that is grounded in wisdom. Contact me to get it set up!

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Joanne McCall: Media Expert and Mentor 030


Headshot, sassyJoanne McCall was fascinating for me to interview as she is one of those people in a unique business that most people don’t really understand.

Joanne McCall knows how to capture the attention of top-tier national media. She works mainly with authors and business owners.

She’s on a first-name basis with hundreds of the world’s top-rung producers, editors, writers, and journalists, Joanne holds the key to outlets such as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Self, More, Investment Business Daily, The View, Today, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Yahoo, and many others.

I love her story about how she began by landing in a dream job while still in high school as part of Junior Achievement, at a local radio station. She  started part time at age 17 and eventually it turned into a full-time career.

In this way she entered the world of media through a back door. Because of family challenges, the radio offered her structure and she loved it. Eventually Joanne was interviewing authors and business people. She travelled around the country as a radio groupie and eventually stayed with the same station for two years until she got fired so the boss could hire his best friend.

She was 30 then and took it personally but it prompted her to look at other choices and she ended up as a PR director for a large conference center which eventually led to her first job setting up a book tour for an author.

She goes on to share how these experiences paved the way for her present business as a media specialist and mentor.

A compelling speaker and in-demand teacher, Joanne is unlike other media mentors. She stays on the cutting edge of trends and changes taking place within the industry, and helps you do what is necessary to take advantage of these changes.

Listen to the podcast to hear her whole story. 

 Her wisdom tip:  “Believe in yourself, the part of you that has your back.  Write down your dreams and goals and look at whats more important to you. Keep your attitude in check and let go of stuff that doesn’t really matter.”

You can connect with Joanne  www.joannemccall.net    

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Virginie Paradis: French Culturist 029


Vi_FT-752Virginie Paradis was so fun to interview, partly because of her captivating French accent, but also  because of her unique story of how she came to owning a successful company all about being French, and this includes the language, culture, art, movies, history, and travel.

Even though Virginie was born and raised in France, she lived in both England and Italy before she moved to the the United States.

She says it never occurred to her to use her French-ness to start a business. However when she moved to Seattle almost six years ago, she began teaching French at various schools including Rosetta Stone and Community College. She discovered that the way she was supposed to teach made it not fun for students and therefore, made it hard for them to get good results.  She also realized that American people are fascinated with French culture. The language is only part of it. 

Virginie is all about making learning fun and creative. 

So, she started her own program and saw the positive results of her method which builds connections and creates community as well as learning French.

She grew up watching her father struggle and fail at business so she began from her own motivation to be independent and creative. She was never told to follow her dream. But she says, as a result of stepping into this business she is so much more confident in talking to people and much less self-conscious. 

Virgine’s wisdom tip:  “Always focus on the experience of your customer first and foremost. I don’t feel good unless they are receiving what they wanted, and even more than what they wanted. This is what makes me happy”.

You can find Virginie at http://www.FrenchTruly.com


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkjG_4iEN8TpfpJDPBRs1Ig – excellent videos!

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Finding Your Inner Guru

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t have to face some big issue that wants to derail me. I feel anger, shame and a million other emotions that could hijack me from where I need to be focusing. These emotions are often a wake up call that deeper insights and consciousness shifting are underway.

One of my teachers was a volunteer at an art studio where I worked.  I remember one day running into him when I was feeling overwhelmed, triggered, and other “stuff,”  that affected all of us who worked there.

He had a sense of calm about him; peacefulness and stillness. He was like a mirror for me and when I looked in his eyes I was keenly aware of my own mental tangles and messiness.

I asked him how he did this. I was only 24 and was impressionable.  As it turns out he was doing transcendental mediation and had been for over a year. This was a new thing in the early 70s so I was impressed and I signed up. 

I am very mental so I struggled to quiet my monkey mind, but I stuck with it and to this day I still fall back on some of the things I learned from this younger version of myself.

In my business today often my mind wants to freak out and take over and it’s disaster when this happens.  In fact, it’s just not a good idea. 


The thing with growing a business is that the garden becomes full of lots of stuff that needs doing and its easy to feel overwhelmed. This is me last Monday!  

Now I know that running a solo business is always a spiritual practice, all of the time. Like any practice, it requires maintenance, which for me means:

• breathing
• discipline
• balance
• retreat
• meditation
• affirmations
• self-expression
• nature
• mantra
• creating a temple
• belonging
• music
• compassion
• reflection
• rituals
• creativity

What do you think of this list? All of these practices will keep you in a more joyful, balanced state, connected to your soul. How many of them do you do regularly?

Do you notice a difference in your state of mind and your ability to stay on track? SPIRIT DOG

Joy and balance isn’t something you attain and then have forever. It is another way of being and it takes spiritual practice to maintain it.

My little dog is my bliss guru in a way. She absolutely lives in my spiritual circle. When I’m working from my home office and I’m having a hard time, feeling stressed or overwhelmed, she shows up and says, “Lets go for a walk.” I look into her dark eyes and realize she is a Spirit Dog.

In these moments I think I don’t have the time because I’m frantically trying to get something done. I’m sure you’ve been there: you can barely see straight but you keep working. Crazy Woman is in full force and when she shows up, my little dog reminds me I need to get out and walk.

Usually by the time we get to the corner, I am already getting back into center and can feel the connection again. In her doggie energy, she is so happy running and sniffing, it reminds me that this is what I also need to do.

Now I help my clients with how to BE the kind person they need to Be in order to create the kind of business they want.  The Beingness is the foundation and from that place you can much more easily develop your marketing plan, do sales, or whatever. It works!  

Let’s talk if you want to know how to make this shift. 

I offer a Wise Woman free call.   I would so love to talk with you.


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Sonia Miller: Relationship Coach 028


r7fMWhl_52wc_I1UDAFDxrxsng9ZCw3dYPDhc0lWbdgSonia Miller’s interview just flew by as she is such an engaging speaker and her story was one that many of you will relate to.

Sonia grew up in Massachusetts with loving parents who pushed her to develop a career that was financially secure.  She began college at age 17 and wanted to be a good girl and please her parents, so she majored in business and  ended up working in a brokerage firm in the area of stocks and bonds. 

She shared that the first year there she wasn’t happy and this began her journey into everything personal and spiritual growth oriented and why she ended up getting an MSW. 

She said she had to cut the apron strings to her parents so she finally flew off to California. Sonia says, “My first 25 years was about living my parents dream of who I needed to be, the next 25 was about my search, and now that I am 51 I am finally where I belong. 

Sonia shared her her picture of the difference between the masculine and feminine way of doing business. “The male way is more win/lose with focus on bottom line.   The woman’s way is more win/win with a focus on relationships and being authentic”. She says they both have their place but, “now I look at everything through the lens of relationship.”

Sonia’s wisdom for the listeners is to understand the woman’s tendency to see things in terms of right and wrong. “We can learn from the male way that looks at what works and what doesn’t.  So, instead of needing the right answer, find the way that will work best for you and your family.”

You an find Sonia at  www.SuccessForTheSoul.com.

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