Kaya Singer: Wiser and Wilder Mentor, 034

me and book 2This is a fun interview with my good friend and colleague, Sallena Pool, interviewing me.   In this episode we mixed it up and Kaya Singer, host of this Podcast and Women Empowerment mentor,  is interviewed about the story behind her new book, “Wiser and Wilder, A Soulful Path for Visionary Women Entrepreneurs.”  

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Feminine Wisdom

I’ve been talking to my Wise Woman all morning as I woke up feeling too much in my head and not enough in my heart and soul.

I teach all about the power of listening to your Wise Woman.

She is especially important to me when I’m feeling overwhelmed, tired, unsure….all those fun states of mind that make

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7 Ways to Transform Your Fear into Success

Why is it that so many women get side-tracked with fears and self-doubts?

I know you trust your ability to do your visionary work, designing, coaching, teaching- all your gifts.

You know your skills, your talents and you feel a strong calling to help people. So how do you get side-tracked into these emotions that keep you

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Wiser and Wilder Beltane Celebration

You are invited... Join the Wiser and Wilder Movement and Beltane Book Launch Team where I'll share my  behind-the-scenes strategies for building community  and book promotion-- two things you can apply to your own future book marketing efforts. I'm looking for 40 people to join the Wiser and Wilder Book Launch Team and help me to light the fire, birth this book, gather around the maypole and send scads of people to Amazon on that auspicious day!

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Sallena Pool: Collaborator, 033


Sallena Aug 2015 blueSallena Pool was a delightful to interview. Sallena's vibrant career in organizational development has given her opportunities to create, lead, and mentor dozens of small to mid-size enterprises as they evolve their leadership dynamics and collaborative cultures.

Sallena came from a family of entrepreneurs. Her parents and grandparents all owned businesses and she received her first paycheck when she was only nine, so in a way, being a business owner was part of her DNA. 

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