Healing Through Community

“We all chanted together and then as a group holding hands we walked into the ocean at sunrise. The joy of being alive and free was contagious through our joyful screams. Afterward, around the fire the spontaneous sharings affected us all as one woman at a time revealed her deepest fears and stood baring her

Labyrinth, Fire and Transformation

“I’ve been working so hard but still not getting where I want to be!” 

I hear this phrase all the time from my clients and it was also was part of my own story.

Out in the distance I could see a crystal clear beautiful lake and I just kept walking, and walking toward

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7 Steps to Listening to Your Soul

I noticed something recently that has got me thinking.

When out camping in my vanagon I sleep like a rock. We have a wonderful Q bed and parked under trees, by creeks, out in nature, my mind slows down and I sleep for 9 hours straight.  I wake up feeling rested. Back at

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Moving from Blah to Alignment in 3 Easy Steps

I woke up yesterday morning feeling blah. You probably know that feeling of just not feeling on track, no focus, lack of enthusiasm. I knew I “needed” to focus on my marketing but had no excitement for it and began to question the whole enchilada.  Ugh.

I put on my chant music and asked my Wise Woman

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3 Tips for Getting Past Obstacles in Growing Your Business

Regardless of how long you’ve been in business and what stage you’re at, there are always those pesky issues that challenge your state of mind, your self worth and your confidence. 

For simplicity I use Maiden, Mother and Crone to define three stages of business growth.

The Maiden stage is generally during the first few years and is