How to Run Your Business with Heart

30 years ago when I was just tip-toeing into the world of business, I never heard anyone talk about having a “Heart Centered Business”. 

It was still a thought form in the ethers and waiting to be born.  I’m totally convinced that visionary women helped bring this concept into birth.  We

Healing Money Issues and Self-worth

As I was riding my bike to my favorite TeaShop this morning I had an epiphany of sorts. I was thinking about my Wiser and Wilder Retreat that’s happening in October. I thought about the wonderful women who have joined and the excitement I’m having in holding the space for transformation, deep sharing and for

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Message From Wild Woman

Do you ever feel like your inspiration is being drowned by all that stuff of life?

When there are dishes to wash, errands to run, laundry to do, family to cook for, your Wild Woman can get very, very tired. 

She hightails it for the forest, bubbling creeks and fresh air.  That silver thread

Healing Through Community

“We all chanted together and then as a group holding hands we walked into the ocean at sunrise. The joy of being alive and free was contagious through our joyful screams. Afterward, around the fire the spontaneous sharings affected us all as one woman at a time revealed her deepest fears and stood baring her

Labyrinth, Fire and Transformation

“I’ve been working so hard but still not getting where I want to be!” 

I hear this phrase all the time from my clients and it was also was part of my own story.

Out in the distance I could see a crystal clear beautiful lake and I just kept walking, and walking toward

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