My Birthday Vision

I remember my 5 year old birthday like it was yesterday. My mom bought me a pair of ruffled underpants and I wore them to my party of course. There were three rows of ruffles on the back. I loved them and I walked around lifting my skirt so everyone could see. I mean, whats the point of having cool underwear if people can't see it? But then my mom told me to not keep lifting my skirt as this was "showing off."  What a confusing message and was the beginning of me not showing myself or my "ruffles," because it would be too much or inappropriate. I became self-conscious and tried a fit in.

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Inviting Your Wise and Wild Woman

Close your eyes. Imagine you are sitting around a fire in community with your soul sisters, a group of smart, heart-centered visionary women.

Look around the circle and see the other women who are doing their work in
the world while staying aligned with their feminine truth.

Breathe in the smells and tune into your real wisdom, what

Money Wisdom

Are you a highly skilled, creative, visionary women who can no longer emotionally cope with a job?

Me! My hand is up!

I hear this echoed by hundreds of women who feel their wild spirit would be smothered and stifled if they were to again start working for someone else. Is that door closed to you?


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Is Your Circle Calling You?

Women love Circles.  We are round beings and circles speak to our innate inner knowing.

Yet I wonder how many of you, like me, at some point ended up choosing a circle that wasn’t quite the right fit. 

From my perspective now, being on the Wise Woman side of 60, I can see that my choices were the

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What is Your Wild Wisdom?

Do you ever have one of those moments when the fog clears and you “see” something for the first time or in a new way?

It can feel profound and it might challenge they way you’ve been making decisions for years and years!

On one hand, everything is perfect in a spiritual sense, but in another way,

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